• A Stress-Free Christmas

    A Stress-Free Christmas

    December is here, and as the temperature drops, your stress level rises. It’s nobody’s fault really, there is no one thing that you can blame for the stress level this time of year; it’s really a combination of things. You may be asking yourself, “Why does my Chiropractor even care about my stress levels?” The

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  • Bedwetting – Hope for Drier Nights

    Bedwetting – Hope for Drier Nights

    Please enjoy our video presentation: Video on Chiropractic Care for Children with Nocturnal Enuresis Bedwetting: A Common Problem If your child is having a problem with bedwetting, he or she is not alone. Two to three million children in the U.S. suffer from the disorder, including 10% to 15% of 5-year-olds and 5% of 10-year-olds.

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