• Get Moving!

    Get Moving!

    Children today face a struggle that our generation never considered – the battle to stay active. Our afternoons and weekends spent growing up were filled with things like meeting new kids in our neighborhood, building forts or some other outdoor activity. That’s a very different story from the average youth today who rarely steps outside

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  • Work Space Wellness

    Work Space Wellness

    According to a study published by economic and social policy researchers at the Urban Institute, there were twice as many jobs that required some form of exertion in the 1950’s as there are today. This means that more and more people are sitting at desks doing jobs that require no physical effort. While our lives

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  • Pregnancy Breath Walk

    Pregnancy Breath Walk

    This is something we instruct all of our pregnant patients to do. It assists building of cardiovascular strength to improve circulation for mom and her baby. It builds tone in hip and pelvic musculature as well as maintains movement of her sacroiliac joints. The basics… Pregnant women all over the world walk throughout their pregnancies.

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