• Time for Tea

    Time for Tea

    Holding a warm cup of tea between your palms inspires pauses, reflections and moments of breaking away from the world. From its accidental beginnings 3,000 years ago until today, tea is a symbol worldwide of relaxation, self-nourishment and even the sacred. The History of Tea Given its long history and documented health effects, it’s not

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  • Living in Balance

    Living in Balance

    Balanced living is not just about managing your time better but about making positive changes in every area of your life. The body was created to function at its bestwhen every part is working properly and in unison. If just one area of your life is out of sync then the result can be a

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  • The Truly Balanced Diet

    The Truly Balanced Diet

    In 1979, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) developed “A Daily Food Guide,” creating the four “food groups” and suggested daily recommended servings for each age group. In 1992, they launched the food pyramid. Hoping to simplify the message they split the “fruit and vegetable group” and added a “Fats, Oils & Sweets” group. In

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  • A Naturally Healthy Immune System

    A Naturally Healthy Immune System

    Everyday our bodies are attacked by organisms and substances that cause illness and disease. If we have a healthy immune system we will never notice. However, if our body isn’t functioning at its best, we’ll start to feel achy, feverish and, depending on the organism, any number of other annoying symptoms of illness. What is

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