• A Stress-Free Christmas

    A Stress-Free Christmas

    December is here, and as the temperature drops, your stress level rises. It’s nobody’s fault really, there is no one thing that you can blame for the stress level this time of year; it’s really a combination of things. You may be asking yourself, “Why does my Chiropractor even care about my stress levels?” The

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  • Food Allergies and the Aware Parent

    Food Allergies and the Aware Parent

    Food allergies are quite common; in North America over 2 million children and an estimated 12 million adults are allergic to one food item or another. It could be that you or your children are among them. What are Food Allergies? Food allergies occur when the immune system over reacts to a food that the

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  • Boosting Your Child’s Immune System

    Boosting Your Child’s Immune System

    From Halloween until Christmas your child’s immune system is being bombarded with poor nutritional choices, increased sugar intake and decreased sleep. Remember it’s not just the Holiday Season, it’s also the cold and flu season.  With just a few minor adjustments you can arm your children for the assault. The Diet Factor   The type

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  • Get Moving!

    Get Moving!

    Children today face a struggle that our generation never considered – the battle to stay active. Our afternoons and weekends spent growing up were filled with things like meeting new kids in our neighborhood, building forts or some other outdoor activity. That’s a very different story from the average youth today who rarely steps outside

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